Year: 2016

Martyrdom is seldom required

Writing a blog which aims at examining current events through the lens of culture and literature often includes having to

It’s Imaginary–Part II.

The second chapter of my WIP titled IMAGINARY follows. That’s how the words came down the first time–it’s unrevised and unedited.

Work in progress. It’s Imaginary.

In a change of pace, this month’s short story is not a short story at all. What you find below

Scouted at last–Kindle Scout(ed)

No pro scouts ever called on my tiny club soccer team in college. That did not stop a young man

Unfortunately, this piece is not for us

Thank you for submitting [enter title] to [enter publication]. We appreciate the chance to read your work. Unfortunately, this piece

GOP headache

I will on occasion lift too much in the gym, knowing perfectly well that I shouldn’t, that I’m likely to

Cancer sucks, we don’t have to… (so vote)

Oncology is a grim discipline. Most new drug studies show no benefit and fail. Cancer therapies extending life by two

Freedom jam vs. Broadway morality play

My Muse is a show tune fiend. She’s an encyclopedia of Broadway and all the traveling productions. It will make

We’re back…almost…

And we’re back from the December holiday hiatus. I have heard of a phenomenon called “a blogger’s guilt.” It is