We’re back…almost…

And we’re back from the December holiday hiatus. I have heard of a phenomenon called “a blogger’s guilt.” It is actually a thing. A blogger is supposed to feel guilty for a missed publication date, for not staying online all the frigging time. I was curious, being a newb at this thing, if the guilt monster would get me too.

No guilt. None at all. No compunction about failing to impose my wisdom upon the world. I am still feeling lazy and will refrain from inflicting a long post today.

So, as I come out of hibernation, let me direct you instead to a clever piece by Joshua Keating in Slate. It’s a brilliant reflection on how familiarity and proximity affect perception. In this case—the perception of the armed standoff in Burns, Oregon.

Check out the January short story. Leave a comment if so moved. Over and out until next week.

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