Freedom jam vs. Broadway morality play

My Muse is a show tune fiend. She’s an encyclopedia of Broadway and all the traveling productions. It will make sense, then, that Alan Cumming came up in conversation today. You may ask, “Is this post going to be about Cabaret in which Mr. Cumming brilliantly played the role of Emcee?”

No, Cabaret is awesome, but that’s not what this is about. It will help the reader to know that the recent “patriotic” children’s performance from a right wing rally also came up in the same conversation.  The image of the three young girls prancing and singing about dealing with the world from the position of strength is burned into my retinas. If you do not know what I’m speaking of, lucky for you—Google “Donald Trump freedom jam,” and you won’t sleep again (I don’t want to give him a link).

If you’re confused and asking, “What does Alan Cumming have to do with Donald Trump?” there is one more thing I have to bring up: cute young Rolfe. Remember Rolfe and Liesl, the beautiful, innocent couple from “The Sound of Music?” Sixteen-going-on-seventeen?

The seventeen-going-on-Hitlerjugend…cute, young Rolfe?

How does innocent, earnest Rolfe become someone who would be happy to put Emcee’s gay ass in a concentration camp?

How? The answer is “freedom jam.”

Our sense of right and wrong, our conscience, the line we draw, they all erode slowly. Here’s another question my Muse asked today. What would you do if, in two years, your child were required to take a new mandatory course as part of his or her school curriculum?

What if it were called “Citizenship?” So far so good, right? What if it included the knowledge of American history and of the structure of our government? Great!

What if it asked your child to be proud of being an American? Not bad, this is a great country.

What if it helped your kid understand better who was and wasn’t a true American? Sure. Wait…not a true American…like…French? What’s an American, you might ask, and who the hell are they to tell me how to be one?

Will we make a stance, say enough! in time, or will we, like frogs in a boiling pot of water, let our souls erode, break down, liquefy…like jam?

Freedom jam.

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