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I will on occasion lift too much in the gym, knowing perfectly well that I shouldn’t, that I’m likely to regret it. I have sometimes had too much to drink while ignoring the fact my body’s not built for alcohol and that a terrible headache would be the price for an extra glass of wine. I don’t always make the wisest decisions. I did a stupid thing last night—I started to watch the GOP presidential debate from New Hampshire. I still have a headache and feel sore all over, and I didn’t lift a finger nor did I have a sip of alcohol to drink. Instead, the poisons were absorbed through my eyeballs, carried by the hapless photons from my television set.

My Muse came over and told me I was being dumb and we turned the TV to Comedy Central, but not before one specific exchange stuck to my brain like a shit-covered cocklebur. It was not when The Donald told Jeb! to shut up (although, clearly, I remember—I expect The Donald to pick up a couple more points in the polls), or when Marco “Golden Boy” Rubio got stuck on repeat.

The January 30 editorial in New York Times is worth reading. It paints John Kasich, the Ohio governor, as “the only plausible choice for Republicans tired of the extremism and the inexperience in this race.” The governor invoked the article during the debate, but chose a different quote.

It was: “…Mr. Kasich is no moderate.” John Kasich, just as everyone else on that stage, is afraid of being perceived as a moderate. As someone willing to act from the middle. My Mom taught me moderation was a virtue. How has it become a GOP cardinal sin?

The GOP has no chance at the presidency in the general election against Scarecrow from “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz,” let alone against Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, and will quite possibly lose both the Senate and the House after the 2020 census, if not before. Any democratic nation-state needs a plurality of dissenting voices from people willing to collaborate for the good of the country. I am far from a sympathizer, but I hope the GOP finds a way to pull up from the death spiral before it crashes and burns—we need it to be a constructive force. We need it to rediscover the virtue of moderation.

Also, it would make for fewer debates like last night’s, and I wouldn’t get as many headaches. So, please…

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