Unfortunately, this piece is not for us

Thank you for submitting [enter title] to [enter publication]. We appreciate the chance to read your work. Unfortunately, this piece is not for us.Memento mori

With the exception of the mythical and the divine, those of us who write and submit are familiar with the soul-rending passage above. It is all the sweeter, then, when someone happens to think our children are as beautiful as we see them. The kind people at Streetlight Magazine decided to give one of my kids, a short story titled “A Bald Spot,” a chance. Go see their Spring edition which hits the Internet on April 6th, 2016.

Grief is the hole made by a love disconnected. “A Bald Spot” is about grief. I hope it makes you stop and consider…and then hug those dear to you more tightly. Those who never love never grieve, but what a waste of a life not taking the chance is. And if you make a mistake, at least you won’t have to live with it forever. Memento mori—there is such a freedom in having an expiration date.


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