Scouted at last–Kindle Scout(ed)

No pro scouts ever called on my tiny club soccer team in college. That did not stop a young man from dreaming. Alas, the closest I’ve ever come to professional futbol was a season ticket to the Chicago Fire.

Well, guess what. Never stop dreaming! I am finally about to get scouted. Kindle-Scouted, that is. What is Kindle Scout, one might ask? I’ve seen it compared to a literary American Idol, geeky America’s Got Talent, or a gladiator battle to the death (well, yeah, some paper cuts bleed more than others). I am in the arena now.

Son of Lot, the novel I have given the past four years of my creative life, is going up against hundreds of other people’s hopes in the Kindle Scout fighting pits. My thirty-day campaign begins at midnight on April 27th and ends at midnight on May 27th. Please take a look at my campaign page. You will find the first five thousand words of the book there. If you like what you see and would like to read more, click on Nominate Me. And then ask all of your friends to do the same.

This will be a lengthy thirty days. I will return with frequent reports.

Thank you, everyone. Fingers crossed.


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