Cancer sucks, we don’t have to… (so vote)

Oncology is a grim discipline. Most new drug studies show no benefit and fail. Cancer therapies extending life by two

Freedom jam vs. Broadway morality play

My Muse is a show tune fiend. She’s an encyclopedia of Broadway and all the traveling productions. It will make

We’re back…almost…

And we’re back from the December holiday hiatus. I have heard of a phenomenon called “a blogger’s guilt.” It is

End abortion? Let’s stop being assholes to women

I shouldn’t go there. I should not go there…. I will go there. The Supreme Court has recently agreed to

Crappy November to be a refugee

What a crappy November it’s been. It’s now sleeting outside, but I am, of course, referring to the “cluster” of

Beautiful women

Beautiful women are fun to watch. Read it again. Beautiful women are fun to watch. Before you comment “hell yeah!”

The tired, the poor, the huddled

James Kanter, in a November 5th article in The New York Times, discusses a recently released forecast by the European

Don’t Knock the Monkey

I was happily and innocently perusing my RSS feed when I came across a piece of information which made me

A Martian pinch of salt

THE MARTIAN, a novel by Andy Weir has grown into an immense commercial success. The book is not a nuanced study of