Does the world really need another website? Another blog?

Boy, I don’t know. But a quote from Neil Gaiman comes to mind: “…because a book is a little empathy machine. It puts you inside somebody else’s head. You see out of the world through somebody else’s eyes. It’s very hard to hate people of a certain kind when you’ve just read a book by one of those people.”

Stories for Free. The blog serves up a short story by yours truly and guest authors regularly. All of the stories are about people. Most of them cross a cultural or ethical boundary and their protagonists find themselves at difficult decision points. What would you do if you were …? If you are moved to share your thoughts, please leave a comment on the blog.

If a story causes you to pause and think, check out other–non-story–blog entries. Can we manage to live together without blowing the whole thing up?

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