A Novel

Category: Adult / upmarket blend of fantasy, myth and alternative history. Stand-alone with a series potential.

Status: Available. Complete at 83,000 words.

In 2,500 BCE, Jesophot is growing up in Sodom. All he wants in life is to buy a new goat. Instead, he receives the curse of divine revelation: a story intended to begin the Abrahamic faith. In 1995, the devil tricks Sophia, a young woman from Chicago, into becoming a demon in order to exploit her human free will. Once Jesophot records his vision inside five sturdy leather belts to disguise and protect it, Ana—for whom time no longer matters—replaces it with the devil’s version. Now, Jesophot must choose between working to recover the true testament while risking the lives of his wife and family or doing nothing and letting the world go to hell. Ana’s choice is harder. She can continue to be the devil’s pawn, or rebel and face annihilation. What Ana and Jesophot choose to do will set the course of history.