Complete and Works in Progress


Category: Adult / upmarket.

Status: Forthcoming from Sunbury Press in 2024.

During Poland's martial law, when a freedom fighter working to recover the banned opposition's cash and a secret police agent who wants it for himself descend upon her town, Emilia must decide if she's willing to risk prison or worse for the love of another woman.


Category: Adult / upmarket speculative.

Status: Complete at 83,000 words.

In this speculative upmarket novel, Jesophot and Ana go head-to-head in the contest for the future of the world. Are we certain which gods have left us the scripture the Western world has followed?

WIP Working Title: MEMORY

Category: Adult / literary speculative.

Status: First draft at 60%

Double-timeline story about love, memory, and forgetting. In 1395, Milosz foregoes all else to save his wife from the Teutonic Order. In the present, Lydia, a neuroscientist, fights to save as much as she can of her husband's mind. Is either strong enough to transcend time and preserve the life of their beloved?

Don't Call Me Jules

Category: Adult / upmarket thriller.

Status: Concept development.

In search for her missing husband, an Ohio mom learns more than she ever wanted to know. Will the knowledge kill her before she can get back to her children?

Bent Girl

Category: YA / speculative.

Status: Concept development.

Dahlia grows up with scoliosis, subject to condescension from teachers and bullying from peers, until her family moves and at the new high school she meets a new friend who may or may not be what she appears.